Our Mission

AKANation.com is a multi-user Website designed to help individuals, groups, families, organizations and businesses showcase ideas, market goods and services, and share goals and interests. Your AKA Booth is your FREE personal Web residence, your location in our user-friendly world community. Your "AKA" (an acronym for "Also Known As") could be one of your Online Identities (OID), your actual business name, your temporary name for selling garage sale items or maybe your pen name for writing books. Your AKA defines who you are on the AKANation.com map for visitors to find and remember. Creating an AKA Booth is the easy, profitable, and fun way to tap into a world of readers, neighbors, visitors and businesses, whether they're next door or on the "next continent".

After selecting a building design for your AKA Booth, settle on an available "flag" on the AKA map. Set up your booth as a working retail business, a friendly venue for ideas, a place to buy and sell items and share links, or maybe a place to announce events and schedules - your choice! Tables accommodate photos and descriptive text. Compose a welcoming mouse-over description to pop up and grab attention when visitors browse near, and invite visitors, friends, or clients to check out the "tables" inside your booth. A "table" can be your virtual living room or business showroom.

From your booth, talk with friends or customers by e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and other Internet mediums. Post content, your favorite links, or your own Webpage, and encourage others to visit AKANation to learn about you, your hobbies and interests, your small business or your corporate profile. Each new AKA who takes up residence on the AKA map, brings a new circle of friends and clients to AKANation.com and potential visitors to your booth! Your placement on the AKA map may enhance your established Web site with more hits and greater interest, or you may decide to replace a Web site
altogether and use AKANation.com as your presence on the Web.

In your booth you can easily manage content and photos yourself, without an administrator. Additional features to
dress up your AKA Booth and advertise goods and services may be purchased in the near future with AKA "Bucks".